Light of the Shadow – Chapter 17 – Part 2

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Light of the Shadow – Chapter 17 – Part 2


Chapter 17



“Courage!, to face the abysm that opens beneath the Warrior’s feet.
Dominion!, of the Strength that comes from Heart and Soul.
Faith!, in those that walk the same Path in search of the Light.
The Waning Moon in the Sky.”

- The Prophet of Truth

Part 2

Selena stared at the cellphone until the white light of the screen went off. Everyone was trying their best, she thought with a heavy conscience. Sarah, Alexis, Aaran … Everyone was fighting for what they believed in, and soon it would be her turn.

Raising her head she took a deep breath as to gain courage, quickly typing on her phone. Right or wrong, she’d follow their example. It was the only thing she had to offer them.

She’d just pressed the button to send her message when the small object vibrated and started to ring.

With her heart beating anxiously she slid her finger across the screen to take the call and took the device to her ear.

“Yes?” she answered and the silence that followed from the other side of the line didn’t do much to help her settle her nerves. Maybe it was the police, she thought, wanting to know if Sarah had contacted her, since their last talk.

Selena Wilson?”


My name is John Donovan. I’m a friend of your sister’s.”

That name she knew all too well. She’d even seen him before, from afar, one of the times she’d met with her sister for lunch at the Hillman Cancer Center. John not only was Sarah’s colleague as apparently had, for the past couple of years, tried really hard to establish a closer relationship with her sister. But now …

According to what the police had told her, when they’d searched the house that morning, Sarah was a suspect in the sudden explosion of two labs in the Hillman Center. The same place John worked at. And so she concluded he was probably looking for her as well, making her act with extra caution.

“Ah, yes. Good evening. What can I do for you?”

I’m looking for Sarah …”

“I don’t know where she is,” she declared, interrupting him, annoyed at the fact she'd been right. “The police was here, this morning. And if I’m not mistaken, there’s still a car parked outside, waiting for her to return. So I doubt she’ll come home anytime soon,” she retorted, wishing she could send him on his way as soon as possible, and John sighed deeply.

All because of what happened today,” he answered with what sounded like indignation. “I’ve grown tired of telling them that what happened could only have been an accident. As if Sarah would ever be able to destroy years and years of research! Projects where she’s been working with such dedication! But those dumb cops won’t listen to a word I say. It’s like I’ve been talking to a wall!” he grunted. “I tried to call her, but her cell isn’t working. I’d also advise her to stay away, at least until the preliminary investigation is concluded and she’s found innocent of all charges. Coming back now and getting arrested will only compromise her image when she has to go to court.”

Selena felt her heart skip a beat.

“Court …?”

Because of the custody hearing, right? If I recall correctly she has to be at court next week,” he told her and Selena couldn’t help shivering. She’d completely forgotten about that. There, in that house, the misfortunes that filled the outside world had no entry. “In fact, that’s the main reason why I’m calling. Even as we speak I hold in my hands a copy of all the documents that will be presented by your aunt’s lawyer, in order to proof Sarah’s inability to be your guardian.

“But … how?!” John laughed.

Now, there’s a question I’d rather not answer, young girl,” he replied in a joking tone. “Anyway. Sarah told me she has a meeting with her lawyer tomorrow? It’s really important that these documents find their way into his hands, so that he’ll have enough time to think of ways to counter these facts,” he told her and the sudden anxiety she’d felt immediately faded away, leaving her ice cold inside.

“Ah, you mean you want me to meet you?” she asked in an empty tone that John didn’t seem to notice.

Uh, yes! That would be great!”

Selena lowered her head and squeezed the phone, trying to stop herself from shaking.

“Where …?”

How about the Hillman Center? The coffee shop at the corner? On the other side of the road.”

“Ah, yes. I know where it is.” Her gaze was lost in the heavy rain falling from the dark gray sky outside. “What time?”

I’m close by. If you could come now …”

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

“Perfect, perfect. See you soon, then.”

Selena lowered the cellphone and held her own arms, angry at herself for being unable to stop shivering.

To go …? Or not to go …? Up to which point were the following events really avoidable? To which point did the attempt of avoiding them made them even more unavoidable? Which part of her was making that decision? The part of her that knew …? Or the part of her that didn’t know anything? And then Aaran’s words were echoing in her mind again.

“If my existence … ceases to be my existence because someone else’s existence is no longer … Then, there’s nothing to fear.”

Sky jumped from the bed where he’d been snuggling and sat at her feet, tilting his brown head as he looked up at her with an inquisitive look.

“You’ll be a good boy, right? I promise I won’t be long …”



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