Light of the Shadow – Chapter 15 – Part 4

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Light of the Shadow – Chapter 15 – Part 4


Chapter 15



“Time of Reconciliation ... Time of Rebalancing.
Reason over Emotion.
Reinforcement of the Sacred Bound between those who walk the Path.
The Moon, in the Sky, is Full and Bright.”





- The Prophet of Truth


Part 4

Sitting on the living room’s couch Sarah sighed in exasperation, holding her head with one hand as pain pulsed on her temples.

Sky kept running all over the room, brimming with his simple child-like joy, barking lively here and there. And, as if that weren’t enough, Selena kept crawling after him on her knees and hands, trying to mimic his bark in what she’d denominated as learning to communicate with animals.

“Selena, please. You’re making me dizzy,” she complained when dog and girl alike gave the forth lap around the couch where she was sitting, and in that precise moment Aaran simply appeared in the room, out of nowhere.

Selena, who hadn’t seen him, bumped head on against his legs, leaving Sarah on the verge of a panic attack.

“Ouch,” the girl grunted, rubbing her forehead, and Aaran looked down at her, as if he’d just noticed her presence, raising an eyebrow when small Sky turned on him, growling threateningly.

Slowly bending forward he wrapped an arm around Selena’s waist and raised her from the ground as If she were no more than a child, leaving her head upside-down and legs swinging in the air.

“What’s that?” he asked, referring to the small pup, and Sarah sank into her couch as if to show she had nothing to do with the matter.

“Isn’t he lovely?” Selena asked raising her head to give him a bright smile.

“Lovely?!” Aaran repeated in an ironic tone, looking at the animal still barking at his legs, and Selena nodded with stars gleaming in her eyes.

“His name is Sky,” she quickly informed since Aaran kept looking at the small creature as if it were an alien.

“It’s a dog, Aaran,” Alexis informed, entering the room through more conventional ways, and Sarah practically jumped from the couch, turning to look at him.

Although he’d effectively regained his vision, Aaran’s words kept echoing in her mind, and since he’d left as soon as night had fallen, she’d just stayed home like always, worrying herself to death. Alexis smiled, reaching out for her, and she didn’t hesitate to take his hand, sighing in relief when he held her close and softly kissed her hair.

“I know what it is,” Aaran grunted and Selena looked up at him once more, this time with a perfect pleading expression.

“I can keep him, right? He’s just a baby. We can’t just throw him out,” she argued in just one breath and Aaran looked at her, clearly hesitating. It was rare for Assiah’s animals to accept or even tolerate the presence of those of his Race, and having a mini-dog barking at his feet every time he visited Alexis was far from being a pleasant idea. “And now that I think about it … Where did you come from? I didn’t see you enter the room,” Selena observed, frowning inquisitively, and Aaran put her back on the floor, in the same exact place from where he’d picked her up.

“I have nothing against the animal. But if you’re asking for permission to keep it you should be addressing Alexis and your sister,” he declared, obviously preferring to answer her first question than the latest ones, and Sarah sighed before Selena’s explosion of happiness, as she clapped and laughed out loud, ending up hugging the small pup that immediately licked her face.

“She’s terrible …” Sarah murmured, aware of her sister’s perfect representation, and Alexis laughed lightly, his face buried amongst her hair.

“It’s always amusing seeing the all mighty Aaran being led by the nose by a fourteen-year-old girl,” he whispered back and Sarah couldn’t help agreeing.

“Selena!” she reprimanded her out loud. “Although Aaran might not care and I told you could keep him, you still have to ask permission from the owner of the house,” she declared and Selena turned to face them, Sky firmly held in her arms.

“Alexis doesn’t mind, right?” she asked, obviously unable to consider any other answer, and a malicious gleam took over her eyes. “Sarah finally released you, hey?” she added and Sarah felt her cheeks catch on fire.

“Selena!” she reprimanded her again, raising her tone, and Alexis laughed out loud, which left both Aaran and the girl gaping in disbelief.

“What?” he asked, noticing he was the center of attentions, and Selena pointed an accusing finger at him.

“You laughed,” she declared and her surprised expression gave way to another, much more malicious one. “I see that being …”

“Selena! That’s enough!” Sarah cut her off, interrupting what would certainly be another embarrassing comment, and the girl sighed, standing up.

“Fine, fine. It’s past Sky’s bedtime, anyway,” she conceded as she walked towards the door. “Besides you three look like you want me to leave so you can talk without me overhearing you. So, good night,” she wished from the door and disappeared down the corridor.

“She’s very perceptive,” Alexis commented peering after her to make sure she was far enough to be out of ear-reach and Sarah sighed heavily.

“You can’t even imagine.”

“It’s best if we go downstairs,” Aaran suggested, which was unanimously accepted.

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