Chapter 13 – Day 5 – Part 1

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Chapter 13 – Day 5 – Part 1


Chapter 13


- 7th day of Hanotë -


Part 1 - Unexpected Companion

“Hey! Wake up!”

Selina jumped to her feet, feeling dizzy when amused laughter filled the cold, damp air of dawn. Rubbing her eyes she looked up trying to identify the figure sitting atop a sturdy brown horse.

“Kahor?!” she asked, still doubtfully, and the other girl smiled looking around.

“You didn’t get very far, did you? You must be close to the first affluent of the Silver River. There’s more humidity, here.”

“What are you doing here?” Selina asked, still sleepy, and Kahor shrugged.

“Well, I was about to join the group leaving for Leips when that Lady that arrived with you, Dana her name? Well, she kind of panicked when she found out that not only the Princess, but you as well, had gone missing. And they had to practically force her inside a carriage, since she didn’t want to leave without you,” she reported and Selina lowered her gaze, suddenly feeling guilty.

“Dana was always a big fan of drama …”

“Well, it so happens that when I saw her I just couldn’t do it. Joining them, I mean. I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about this rich, spoiled girl that had left everything behind to follow her Princess. And there I was, about to join some refugee group, allowing this inexperienced girl to leave towards the unknown, all alone. Kai would have never agreed to something like that!”

“But your leg ..:”

“I don’t really need it up here, now do I? Of course I’ll need your help to get on and off of my horse, if you won’t mind …”

“Kahor … I’m really thankful for all you have done. But I just can’t let you do something like this because of me …”

“Because of you. And because of me. Because this is the only way I’ll feel right about myself,” she said sounding completely sure of herself. “And now hurry up! If you really want to catch up with her we’ll have to hurry!”

Selina sighed and obeyed in defeat. And yet, deep inside, she couldn’t help feeling relived, knowing she’d no longer be alone. She had hardly got any sleep, the night before; the sounds of animals and cracking tree branches keeping her nerves on edge, making it impossible for her to get some real rest. Kahor’s sudden appearance made all that seem absurd now.

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