Chapter 13 – Day 4 – Part 5

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Chapter 13 – Day 4 – Part 5


Chapter 13


- 6th day of Hanotë -


Part 5 - New Old Clothes

Kahor took a deep breath and closed her eyes, turning her face towards the warmth of the sun. It was good to be able to walk outside again. Supported by a wooden cane that Serena had provided for her, and with Selina’s help on her other side, she finally gave her first steps out in the courtyard, which she hadn’t done since the day she’d gotten hurt.

In the distance she could hear voices and the sound of clashing metal coming from the training grounds, where the cadets should be practicing like always. But in the air, all around her, was a kind of tension that hadn’t been there before, and everywhere people rushed back and forth, readying the city to withstand the upcoming attack.

“Here,” she said looking both sides before opening an old wooden door that led to one of the Knights’ armories. “You can hardly travel dressed like that. You’d be robbed in no time, if nothing worse,” she added, getting in, and Selina followed her, looking curiously at the small compartment.

“Hum … you’re telling me I’ll have to dress like you?” she asked, looking at the other girl with a pained expression since Kahor had gone back to using her uniform, and she smiled.

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Oh, but that … that’s horrible!” she complained, looking her up and down once more and Kahor laughed, opening one of the closets, looking inside for something that would fit her. “Say, you never told me. How did you hurt your leg?” Selina asked, changing the subject, and Kahor shrugged without even looking back.

“It was an accident.”

“I heard you had some Test and that you insisted on taking it even though you were injured.”

“I guess …”

“Then why did you do it?”

“Because it was something really important to me … Being a Knight was all I ever wanted …”

“I see … I imagine you must feel terrible …” Selina added, feeling for the other girl, and Kahor placed some clothes on a nearby table.

“I did feel terrible at first … But then … I had wonderful people by my side that didn’t allow me lose hope. And I believe one day I’ll be able to pass that damn Test, even if I have to wait a few years until I’m well enough to do it. Think these will fit you?” she asked, indicating the clothes she’d chosen for her, and Selina unfolded a pair of black pants, nodding. “Now some ridding boots …”

She watched as Kahor changed from the closet to a shelf filled with boots of all sizes, although they all looked pretty much alike in their ugliness, and sighed noticing that every time she tried to question her about her accident Kahor would always find something else to discuss.

“I can see this is something you don’t like to talk about. But I heard someone saying that your accident wasn’t an accident at all,” she insisted and Kahor finally stopped what she was doing.

“And I see you’re rather well informed,” she retorted dryly.

“Why haven’t you accused the culprits?”

“You wouldn’t understand,” she answered, returning to her search for a suitable pair of boots. “It’s a matter of honor. A Knight never accuses one of his Brothers, no matter what.”

“But you’re not … I mean … Besides, I always thought that Knights have the duty to defend good and punish evil, and stuff like that. And that they always have to be just and fair.”

Kahor took a deep breath and averted her gaze.

“There was nothing to gain even if I accused them. Doing so wouldn’t bring back my knee or make it well again.”

“But isn’t it important to make sure justice is served and that evil is punished?” Selina insisted once more but the other girl’s smile told her that she wouldn’t discuss it any further.

“That’s in the past, now. And the past should always stay in the past. Try these ones.”

Selina looked at the boots she was holding and sighed.

“They couldn’t be any uglier,” she let out and Kahor laughed.

“Say what you want. But I swear you’ll thank me three times folded when they’re the only thing keeping your feet warm.”

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