Chapter 13 – Day 4 – Part 2

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Chapter 13 – Day 4 – Part 2


Chapter 13


- 6th day of Hanotë -


Part 2 - You'll See Her Again

Even though a blue sky had greeted them the entire morning, as afternoon came a mantle of clouds covered the world, cooling the air and making them pull their cloaks about their necks.

The many fields that surrounded Mithir were carefully divided by small, white fences, extending for miles on both sides of the main road to Leips and Harver. From corn and wheat, to a variety of fruit trees and vegetables, one could easily understand that those were the main means of sustenance of the entire Kingdom. But what caught Solara’s eye were the bright colors, the endless perfect squares, each one with its specific pattern and chromatic. And, amongst that mixture of natural hues, the small men and women who tended to their only means of incoming.

He took a deep breath, pleased by the sweet scent coming from the ripe fruits hanging by the roadside, and looked at the Knight at his side, his expression hard and, as always, silent.

“Don’t worry. You’ll see her again.” Kai looked at the boy traveling under his protection and said nothing. “You can believe me,” he added, his eyes gleaming under the shadows cast by his hair, and the Knight faced the road, once again.

“I seem to be failing to understand what you mean, Your Excellency.”

“I’m talking about the girl you left in Mithir, of course,” he answered without hesitation, which made Kai grimace as he recalled what Selina had told him. It really would seem that everyone knew about his relationship with Kahor … “She’s the one from the Test, right? You know, some times things happen for a reason. We, Humans, just can’t see it, especially when we’re hurting. The same way you have a mission, so does she; an important mission that only she can accomplish before you can meet again.”

Kai looked back at him, thinking once more about how strange that boy really was. From the time they had spent together when they’d first left in search of a … strange Force?, he’d learned that Solara rarely spoke, silently smiling all the time. He didn’t dislike him, he thought as the boy’s gaze went back to contemplating the fields they passed by, his delighted expression like a child’s before an amazing discovery. But there was this heavy, almost scary side to him. For every time he spoke he did so in that kind of enigmatic way, and he had learned that his words weren’t ones to be taken lightly. Which meant that, even though he had thought otherwise, he would meet Kahor again, he concluded, a pleasant warmth feeling his chest.


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