Chapter 13 – Day 2 – Part 3

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Chapter 13 – Day 2 – Part 3


Chapter 12


- 4th day of Hanotë -


Part 3 - Leaving Home

Elian joined the other Knights outside.

He couldn’t delay his departure any longer, he thought as he mounted his horse, a heavy disappointment weighing in his heart. She had been avoiding him since the previous evening and, apparently, wouldn’t even see him off. He hated the way they'd parted. More than that, he hated the idea of never seeing her again.

“Is everyone ready?” he forced himself to ask and Arkel smiled enthusiastically.

“Of course!”

“As ready as we’ll ever be,” answered Lamar and he couldn’t help smile, recalling that Allana had answered him the exact same thing, when he had asked her if she was ready to face Everlyn’s Council.

“Let’s go, then.”

“Elian!” Denar’s voice made him turn back and the Knight simply pointed up, towards the palace. “I suppose that’s what you were looking for …”

Elian raised his gaze to the balconies above his head and his eyes captured a young woman’s figure, her blond wavy hair glowing like gold under the warm afternoon’s sunlight. Then another girl appeared, dressed in dark-green velvet, and finally they both went inside.

“Yes …” he whispered, his heart feeling suddenly lighter, and he sat straight on his saddle. “We’ve delayed our departure long enough. Let’s go.” He nudged his horse to a light trot, and the others followed him, crossing the first inner wall.


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