Chapter 9 – Part 5

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Chapter 9 – Part 5


Chapter 9

The Return

Part 5 - A Terrible Witch

The warmth of the sun touched her face. For a brief moment she almost thought she’d be late, and in the back of her mind she heard Kahor call her name. But then reality came crushing down on her and her golden eyes snapped open, blinking in order to get used to the daylight.

“It’s morning!” she noticed, trying to sit up, but the arms surrounding her squeezed her gently, unwilling to release her.

She watched him for a moment and a smile touched her lips as she thought he looked just like a young boy, sleeping peacefully and unworried. But right then more important things required her attention and the events of last night immediately murdered her smile.

“Elian? Wake up …” she called him and he finally opened his eyes, releasing her to rub his stiff neck. She took that chance to quickly stand up and take a peek at Heric’s condition.

“What do we do with him?” she asked as Elian approached her, and he yawned before giving her an answer.

“Let me see …” He touched his injured shoulder where white new skin now covered the deep hole from where flesh had been torn off from the bone, and nodded in approval. “See? He’s fine,” he declared not one little bit worried and Allana sighed in relief. “Hey! My Lord! Time to wake up!” he practically shouted, shaking him hard, and Allana gasped and grabbed his arm, pulling him back.

“Elian! Stop it!” she scolded him to which Elian shrugged.

“He’s fine, I tell you! Hey! Heric!!” he shouted again and, as the man still didn’t wake up, he sighed impatiently and touched his forehead with his index finger, as if silently ordering that body to come back to life. And so it did.

Heric made a face, then frowned and finally opened his eyes, closing them again to escape the sudden brightness of the room. He took a hand to his forehead, groaning between clenched teeth, and Elian patted him hard on his good shoulder, smiling ironically.

“Don’t worry. The headache will go away soon enough,” he informed him, completely unconcerned, and Heric’s eyes shot open at the sound of his voice. He sat up in one movement and cringed, holding his shoulder with a painful expression.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” he managed to ask in a hoarse voice, and Elian crossed his arms, with that same cold smile.

“Isn’t that my question? What are you doing here, in my cousin’s bedroom?”

Color came rushing back to his pale face and only then Allana was really sure he’d be alright.

“How dare you?! Allana is my …” he started and then the words seemed to escape him as memories of last night’s events returned to him. “What the … You! You attacked me!!” he shouted, looking accusingly at her and she couldn’t help take a step back.

“Oh please. Come on. Let’s be reasonable, My Lord. You’re not trying to tell me that Princess Allana has enough strength in her small body to attack a man your size, are you?” Elian mocked, looking completely relaxed, and Heric’s eyes seemed to glow ablaze.

“You! Stay out of it! I know very well what happened! My arm …” he went on holding his shoulder and then stopped, his face growing paler again as he felt the healed hole in his shoulder. “AH!” he screamed in terror, jumping out off the bed, and ran towards the mirror where he stopped gasping in disbelief. “What have you done to me?? You … you …”

“Please watch your language,” Elian warned. “Let’s not be rude in the presence of a lady.”

“Witchcraft!!” he shouted, spinning around and pointing an accusatory finger towards Allana.

“What?!” Elian asked incredulously and laughed out loud. “Really? That’s you’re explanation?”

“She’s a witch! A witch!!” Heric shouted even louder and Elian’s laughter ended abruptly as he walked up to him facing him threateningly.

“And you really think it’s wise to shout something like that in front of someone powerful enough to injure a man you’re size and to heal you back up, all in one night? Because judging from all the blood we had to clean and by the looks of your shoulder, I’d say you’re missing a piece or two, wouldn’t you agree?”

Heric stepped back and looked towards Allana, clearly terrified.

“You two … you’re both … you’re both …” As the words didn’t come to him Allana stepped forward and smiled, lacing her arm with Elian’s.

“I did warn you,” she reminded him and Elian took a deep breath, as if he felt sorry for the poor man.

“I do believe he’s learned his lesson. And that he won’t give us any more trouble. Also, that he’ll be very pleased to help us in any way he can. Isn’t that right, Heric? You don’t mind me calling you Heric, do you?”

Heric, pale as death itself, hit the wall unable to step back any further and almost fell. Elian laughed again and looked at him in a mix of sarcasm and despise.

“Grow a spine, man! And stop sleep walking. Go take a bath and dress something adequate. And then go downstairs. There’s a lot to be done until the end of the day!” he commanded in the same tone he was used to order his Knights, and Heric almost ran to the door, his back always to the wall as if he feared being attacked from behind.

Elian sighed in relief when the door finally closed and the sound of a small laughter made him look down. Allana was laughing and he found himself finding it amazing, even more so after all that had happen the night before.

“Oh, I’m sorry …” she apologized trying to compose herself. “But your angry face is just amazing! And that threatening look? Not to mention that I’m now a terrible and powerful witch! It’s just too much to take!” she said and laughed again.

“It won’t be such a laughing matter, if he starts spreading stupid rumors like that.”

“Oh, he won’t. I’m sure of that. Not after you’ve told him all that. And besides, no one would believe him anyways. Thank you,” she added and Elian smiled, shaking his head.

“You have nothing to thank me for. And now you should get dressed. I’ll go ahead and check on how things are progressing.”

She nodded and he kissed her forehead before leaving.

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