Chapter 7 – Part 1

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Chapter 7 – Part 1


Chapter 7

The End of Illusion

Part 1 - Report

As to be expected, Elian thought taking in all he had heard. There was no sign of the accursed object that seemed to be the main focus of the Northern Armies. Not even the young Emissary of Nar had been able to sense its power since its rumored awakening.

“And how’s the global situation?” he asked, turning to Kai, and the Knight nodded.

“The Northern Armies are regrouping. I’m quite sure they’re practically ready to move. No one seems to know exactly where they’ll attack next. But it is my guess they’ll be invading Everlyn sometime in the next few days.”

And he couldn’t disagreed, Elian thought, resting his head on one hand.

“This is what we’ll do. We’ll send a small group of scouts and station them near Everlyn’s northern border. They shall inform us immediately as soon as any movement is detected. As long as their next target isn't confirmed we’ll suspend the search for this object for now. I’m sure you can understand that for now it is too dangerous to be traveling around these parts,” Elian added, talking to the young Emissary that simply nodded his agreement. “Be it as it may, it’s hard to believe they’ll stop raiding the Eastern Kingdoms at this point. And after Everlyn we’re next. That being said, Denar, I want you to choose a handful of Knights and start an inventory of all existing weapons, reserved food and fighting hands we possess. But I want this done quietly. No use causing a panic before anything is confirmed. It’s just in case …” Denar nodded although they both knew that, as things stood, war was inevitable. “Well, that’s it, then,” he said, standing. “I hope you'll feel right at home in our company,” he added, talking to the boy, who smiled, raising to his feet and bowing respectfully.

“I thank you, Your Highness. I am sure I will.”

Elian nodded, pleased with the young man’s reply, and left the room followed by Elipson, who had to run to catch up with him.

“Elian! Wait! What about today’s events?” she asked, hopefully, hope that quickly disappeared when she heard his heavy sigh.

“I have no other choice. Suspend Darna while the situation is not cleared,” Elipson lowered her gaze, obviously unhappy with his decision. “I’m sorry. But there’s no other way. You know that they’ll never leave it alone if I don’t do something.”

“I know.”

“Hopefully Kahor will tell us the truth and we can all put this whole thing behind us.”

“Yeah. I hope so…”

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