Chapter 3 – Part 7

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Chapter 3 – Part 7


Chapter 3


Part 7 - Burning Hell

Her gaze of fire fell on the city that stretched at her feet. Even from afar she could almost feel the heat of the flames that burned everything, devouring houses, fields and human bodies alike, with no distinguish between what had been living or dead.

Kayla held the small dagger she had just materialized in her hand and, pulling her long, flaming hair forward, cut it unmercifully just above her shoulders with crude, bored slashes. For a moment her gaze followed the long, red strands of hair that floated in the air and fell on the floor, spreading around her feet like a pool of blood. But then the air around her became excitedly heavy and vibrant and, with a bright smile stretching her perfect lips, she turned around and waited.

A black shadow formed out of thin air, as if some kind of portal to a world of darkness had just opened in the middle of the room, and a tall, slender figure wrapped in a long, velvet cloak stepped out of it.

"Welcome!" she eagerly hastened to greet him, respectful bowing her head, and her short fiery hair slid over her flushed cheeks.

The dark figure gave her brief glance, his expression hidden by the shadows that surrounded his face, and his attention was caught by the strands of hair scattered all over the floor.

"When are you going to stop doing that?" he asked in a whisper and she lifted her head, averting her gaze.

"Hair that long ... it only hinders me," she justified with a certain tone of contempt in her voice and crossed her arms. "More importantly! When can we leave? We've already ascertained that there's nothing here ..."

"I never expect it to be here ..." the dark figure replied walking towards the window, his calm voice almost reduced to a whisper. "This is only part of a little demonstration, nothing more ... Our next step will be much more interesting, " he added with a slight tone of amusement and she sighed.

"Interesting ...?! I don't see how. These Humans are so dull. Even when dying, they're simply too boring. Why not simply destroy them all at once? Say the word and I can go right now! We don't even need those useless maggots down there. Have them return to Melkar. I can take care of the rest!"

A soft laughter echoed through the room capturing her gaze and leaving her wondering whether she should also smile or cower in fear.

"Hmm ... yes, I don't doubt it in the least. However if I did it your way, Human or not Human, nothing would remain standing, and that is hardly what I want. Don't forget that what I'm looking for is fragile, and it breaks easily ..."

Listening to his casual tone she finally allowed herself to relax.

"It's just that it's taking so long ... That Human army takes ages to regroup and to move from one place to another! We may very well have to wait another two weeks before we can move on Everlyn."

"Yes, probably. But don't worry, Kayla. For someone who has waited this long another fifteen or thirty days is nothing but a fleeting moment. Besides, this scenario of destruction that you've created for me is quite pleasing. I don't mind contemplating it for a little bit longer."

Kayla smiled proudly, a burning heat flooding her chest, and bowed deeply.

"I'm glad it pleases you, my Lord," she simply replied, although the black figure never turned her way, his gaze locked on the burning hell that were the streets and houses of the Kingdom of Mádon.

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