Chapter 2 – Part 7

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Chapter 2 – Part 7


Chapter 2


Part 7 - Unwilling to Leave

“So…? Any news? All I have to do is look at you to know that something isn’t quite right. Have you spoken with her?” Denar asked in a low voice when they were finally left alone and Elian leaned back in his chair, still seating at the huge dining table.


“Good! Let’s leave, then! There’s nothing else we can do. Did you know she’s to be married soon?” Elian nodded.

“There you go. Her life has already been determined. She doesn’t need us, or Mithir for that matter. She’s getting married and she’ll be happy ever after, like in some fairytale,” he added ironically but Elian lacked the humor to indulge him.

“This is far from being a fairytale, Denar! Allana isn’t happy and she’ll never be if she gets married to that man!”

“Elian …!”

“I’m not imagining things or trying to escape reality, like you’re always saying I do! He beats her! Why do you think she missed lunch?” Denar took a deep breath and laid a comforting hand on his Prince’s shoulder.

“Elian, let’s leave. I don’t need any special gifts to know that this won’t end well. You’ve already seen her, she’s OK. Let’s go back to Mithir.”

“I can’t! You know I can’t!”

“Just stop and think for a moment. Has she asked for your help?”

“No …” he answered, defeated, knowing all too well what the Knight was about to tell him, and Denar sighed deeply.

“See? You know you can’t really help someone that doesn’t want to be helped. Isn’t that one of your rules. You’ve written it yourself. Besides, if I’ve understood it correctly, this Heric is the one currently ruling Everlyn. I’m sure she’s also aware of that and that’s why she agreed to this union, right? What are you going to do? Challenge him to a duel? Kill the only one able to rule this Kingdom? Lydia is too ill and, no offense, I don’t believe Allana could rule in her place.”

“I can’t just leave her!”

“There’s nothing you can do! She is of royal blood! She is a Crown Princess! Her duties are, above all, towards her Kingdom, same as you! She understands this! And you have to understand it as well! Or will you steal her away, take her with you, and be disowned by your father when he finds out what you have done? You know Everlyn is banned to all the citizens of Mithir! He would never forgive you! And what about Everlyn? What about Lidya? What would all these people do if their Princess were to simply disappear? Please do me a favor and grow up!” he scolded him but Elian stood up, holding him by his shoulders, facing him unwavering.

“Denar! I will not leave before I fulfill my promise! And it’s no use telling me otherwise!”

Denar took a deep breath and shook his head in defeat. Had he even heard a single word he’d said?

“Sometimes I wish I could just understand what goes through that head of yours.”

“You’re not the only one,” the Prince replied and their conversation had to be put on hold, as Dana had just entered the room.

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