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The Gemstone of Ominium

Book 1

* Denial *

in The Gemstone of Ominium Book 1 - Denial


He had to see her again. He didn’t know why. He was a grown man now, no longer the lonely child he’d been in the past. And yet the breathtaking need remained the same, and every time he recalled that night the pain of separation was still as strong, still as raw has it had been. He knew it made no sense and yet he couldn’t deny it. No matter what others might say he had to meet her. And, deep inside his heart, he childishly hoped she’d be a little bit like him, that she’d be able to truly see and understand him. For what bound could be stronger than blood?

She dreamed of death every night and of freedom every morning. From her window she saw herself leave that place, run across the forest and escape the suffocating fate that awaited her. And yet she knew that the chains that bound her were needed and deserved. For she knew all too well the dark horror of who she truly was. And so she accepted her fate. Until a promise she couldn’t remember being made was fulfilled, and a Prophecy of blood and death never came to pass. And so maybe she could be free from those chains after all. Maybe there was still hope for her. Maybe she’d be strong enough to deny her true self and simply live.


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Chapter 13 - Day 3- Part 1
Published 5/22/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia CarPerSanti
  Chapter 13 Departure - 5th day of Hanotë -   Part 1 - Doing the Right Thing Elipson took a deep breath and, tired of trying to wake up the Knight sleeping at her feet, gave him a quick kick, to which he immediately raised his voice in protest. “Get up, you lazy bum!” she replied and Arkel opened one eye to look up at her. “Really. This is starting to feel like you have some personal grudge against me!” he grunted, turning to the other side, and Elipson turned to the other bundle of blankets. “You too, Mahel! Get up or I’ll kiss you until you choke!” she threatened and the boy sat up immediately, his face bright red, as the others laughed at his embarrassment. “You see what I mean? Him, she offers kisses. Me? I get a kick in the ribs!” Arkel complained, pushing his blankets back. “Something smells good …” muttered another sleepy voice and Elipson... read more ❯
Chapter 13 - Day 2 - Part 7
Published 5/14/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia CarPerSanti
  Chapter 12 Departure - 4th day of Hanotë -   Part 7 - Outwitting the Fox Kai took a deep breath and entered the room, to immediately stop by the door. Kahor smiled up at him, her face flushed, her dark eyes glistening anxiously, but the Knight’s gaze was rapidly directed to the other girl. All dressed in rich dark-green velvet dress, her honey-colored hair pulled up and adorned with bright green jewels as it was fashionable among the Ladies of the Court, Selina smiled at him and lightly bowed her head in a greeting. “And then? Tell me! Did she make it?” Kahor asked, unable to stand the suspense any longer, and he looked from one girl to the other, trying to make sense of what was going on. “I was just telling Kahor how you volunteered to help my Mistress,” Selina explained in her most delicate, feminine tone, and Kai frowned deeply displeased. “Come now! Tell me!” Kahor... read more ❯
Chapter 13 - Day 2 - Part 6
Published 5/14/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia CarPerSanti
  Chapter 12 Departure - 4th day of Hanotë -   Part 6 - Night Escape Night had already fallen when Allana, all dressed in the black of the Knight’s Order, made her way outside, sneaking from shadow to shadow, until she finally reached the stables. At that early hour the Knights should still be in the Dining Hall, which made her timing perfect. Even so her heart beat faster while she quickly saddle her horse and silently guided it outside. The night was cool, the sky filled with stars, and the only light that lightened her way came from the windows of the palace at her back. After quickly tying her small baggage to the saddle, she easily mounted her horse and pulled the hood of her cloak over her head. She was probably about to commit the biggest act of madness of her entire life, she thought, making sure that her cloak not only hide her golden... read more ❯
Chapter 13 - Day 2 - Part 5
Published 5/13/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia CarPerSanti
  Chapter 12 Departure - 4th day of Hanotë -   Part 5 - First Camp They turned south as soon as they left Mithir. After discussing all the possible routes, Denar had decided that it would be safer to pass as distant as possible from the Silver Forest, since the latest reports said that part of the Northern Armies were camped deep inside the forest; which meant the possibility of scouts having been dispatched to the areas closer to Mithir’s borders was high. And so they opted to go around it, traveling south, as if they were bound to Leips, and then turn west, where the road was still considerably safe. They would cross the three Silver River affluents and then travel north to Melkar. From then on they’d enter the Ice Mountains and begin the real search. They traveled the rest of the afternoon mostly in silence, a kind of nostalgia descending over the group. Probably... read more ❯

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