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The Gemstone of Ominium

Book 1

* Denial *

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He had to see her again. He didn’t know why. He was a grown man now, no longer the lonely child he’d been in the past. And yet the breathtaking need remained the same, and every time he recalled that night the pain of separation was still as strong, still as raw has it had been. He knew it made no sense and yet he couldn’t deny it. No matter what others might say he had to meet her. And, deep inside his heart, he childishly hoped she’d be a little bit like him, that she’d be able to truly see and understand him. For what bound could be stronger than blood?

She dreamed of death every night and of freedom every morning. From her window she saw herself leave that place, run across the forest and escape the suffocating fate that awaited her. And yet she knew that the chains that bound her were needed and deserved. For she knew all too well the dark horror of who she truly was. And so she accepted her fate. Until a promise she couldn’t remember being made was fulfilled, and a Prophecy of blood and death never came to pass. And so maybe she could be free from those chains after all. Maybe there was still hope for her. Maybe she’d be strong enough to deny her true self and simply live.


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Chapter 13 - Day 3- Part 4
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Chapter 13 - Day 3- Part 3
Published 5/22/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia CarPerSanti
  Chapter 13 Departure - 5th day of Hanotë -   Part 3 - Magic Fire Ilea sighed and shook her head in disapproval. “You know you can’t go on doing things like this, right?” Arkadi shrugged and continued to warm his frozen hands by the fire that magically burned over the white snow. “Let me enjoy it while I can, then. And come here. It’s too cold,” he told her and Ilea sat beside him. He draped part of his heavy mantle over her shoulders and she shuddered when the warmth of the fire touched her face. “One of the things I miss the most while staying in the Tower is the warmth of the sun,” she confessed and he wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her closer. “You’ll see your wish come true soon enough. Once we’re out of these damn mountains it should be the middle of Spring.” “How long do you think it’ll take us to reach... read more ❯

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