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The Gemstone of Ominium

Book 1

* Denial *

in The Gemstone of Ominium Book 1 - Denial


He had to see her again. He didn’t know why. He was a grown man now, no longer the lonely child he’d been in the past. And yet the breathtaking need remained the same, and every time he recalled that night the pain of separation was still as strong, still as raw has it had been. He knew it made no sense and yet he couldn’t deny it. No matter what others might say he had to meet her. And, deep inside his heart, he childishly hoped she’d be a little bit like him, that she’d be able to truly see and understand him. For what bound could be stronger than blood?

She dreamed of death every night and of freedom every morning. From her window she saw herself leave that place, run across the forest and escape the suffocating fate that awaited her. And yet she knew that the chains that bound her were needed and deserved. For she knew all too well the dark horror of who she truly was. And so she accepted her fate. Until a promise she couldn’t remember being made was fulfilled, and a Prophecy of blood and death never came to pass. And so maybe she could be free from those chains after all. Maybe there was still hope for her. Maybe she’d be strong enough to deny her true self and simply live.


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Chapter 13 - Day 5 - Part 5
Published 5/25/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia CarPerSanti
  Chapter 13 Departure - 7th day of Hanotë -   Part 5 - A Brief Stop Selina sighed unable to hide how tired she felt and Kahor smiled understandingly, guessing the reason behind her state of mind. “Want to stop for a moment?” “No …” “Hum … maybe we should. We can have something to eat and take a look at our map.” “If it’s because of me …” “Look, right ahead. That cluster of trees will offer us good shade.” Selina looked towards the place Kahor was pointing and gave up on her stubborn pride, anxious to be able to just sit still for a while. She dismounted and secured her horse, and then went to Kahor, helping her get down from her horse. “Gods … Ridding all day long is a tough job!” she complained, taking the time to stretch and rub her pained back, and Kahor smiled, limping towards the trees. “You’ll get used to it in no time. Look. Someone... read more ❯
Chapter 13 - Day 5 - Part 4
Published 5/25/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia CarPerSanti
  Chapter 13 Departure - 7th day of Hanotë -   Part 4 - Listening ... Ilea lightly touched her horse’s neck pulling it to a halt and Arkadi followed her lead. Since the day before they’d hardly exchanged any words and, even though it pained him, deep inside he knew that keeping his distance was the best for the both of them. “What is it?” he asked after trying to see or listen to whatever she was searching in the air. “Hush!” Her purple gaze, now clear like crystal, was set on the distance, searching here and there, until it stopped as if she could see beyond the mountains of snow and ice that surrounded them. Arkadi remained silent and waited. She looked worried for a moment but then all tension left her body and she smiled. “Hum … nothing much,” she said suddenly at ease. “For a moment I thought it was something important.” “How so? What were you... read more ❯
Chapter 13 - Day 5 - Part 3
Published 5/25/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia CarPerSanti
  Chapter 13 Departure - 7th day of Hanotë -   Part 3 - Road Patrol It was past midday and the Knights had just went back to the road after a brief stop, when they sighted a group of armed men, all wearing full armor, blocking the road. “What’s that?” Arkel asked, frowning as he foresaw trouble. “It looks like they’re patrolling the road,” Denar answered making sure his sword was within reach. “Which is understandable, if we take into account that their neighboring Kingdoms are at war,” Mahel added. “That is if those are really Melkar’s men,” Elipson countered. “Whatever the case, let’s try to get by them without raising the alarm. That’s not what we came here to do, and getting into trouble won’t do us any good,” Elian instructed and the others agreed, although they all remained alert and ready for the worse. “No. They’re from the Northern Armies,” Elipson whispered curtly as they got closer, not wanting... read more ❯
Chapter 13 - Day 5 - Part 2
Published 5/25/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia CarPerSanti
  Chapter 13 Departure - 7th day of Hanotë -   Part 2 - A Strange Boy Kai stood in silence as he watched the boy. Solara kept staring at the dying embers in the same exact way he’d been doing since daybreak, his golden-brown eyes with strange glistening purple spots unmoving, almost as if he’d fallen asleep with his eyes wide open. He’d placed a loaf of bread and some cheese at his side, for his breakfast, but the boy hadn’t even stirred. Sighing he decided to sit down, giving up on preparing their things so they could return to the road. Sure, he could simply shake him awake, or tell him that it was past time they move on. But this was hardly the first time he saw him like that, he recalled, still watching him closely. When they’d left Mithir in search of that mystical Power, or whatever it was, the boy would frequently go... read more ❯

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