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The Gemstone of Ominium

Book 1

* Denial *

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He had to see her again. He didn’t know why. He was a grown man now, no longer the lonely child he’d been in the past. And yet the breathtaking need remained the same, and every time he recalled that night the pain of separation was still as strong, still as raw has it had been. He knew it made no sense and yet he couldn’t deny it. No matter what others might say he had to meet her. And, deep inside his heart, he childishly hoped she’d be a little bit like him, that she’d be able to truly see and understand him. For what bound could be stronger than blood?

She dreamed of death every night and of freedom every morning. From her window she saw herself leave that place, run across the forest and escape the suffocating fate that awaited her. And yet she knew that the chains that bound her were needed and deserved. For she knew all too well the dark horror of who she truly was. And so she accepted her fate. Until a promise she couldn’t remember being made was fulfilled, and a Prophecy of blood and death never came to pass. And so maybe she could be free from those chains after all. Maybe there was still hope for her. Maybe she’d be strong enough to deny her true self and simply live.


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Chapter 9 - Part 4
Published 4/7/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia C.
  Chapter 9 The Return Part 4 - The God Eyed Monster Selina sat right in front of her, her eyes alight with amazement and curiosity as Allana described to her the Knight’s Orders of Mithir, their hierarchy and installations. She was tired and wanting for nothing but a few hours of sleep, but Selina had caught her as she left Lidya’s chambers and had demanded a full report of the last few weeks. At first she had almost reschedule their talk but then … well, she owed her that much, she thought as she sat on her bed facing the other girl’s curious eyes. Besides talking to Selina always raised her spirits, which she was definitely in need of after the dark talk she had had with her mother instants ago. “Oh, then she’s a Knight too. Did she get hurt in a fight?” Selina asked and Allana nodded. “You saw her injury?” “Yeah. She asked... read more ❯
Chapter 9 - Part 3
Published 4/7/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia C.
  Chapter 9 The Return Part 3 - The Council of Everlyn It was all she could do not to scream in frustration. Or maybe she should hit them all hard over their heads! Allana sat very straight at the top of the long table, all dressed up in a gray velvet gown, something not too fancy but not too simple either, her golden hair pulled up to give her a more regal look in case the thin golden crown around her forehead were to go unnoticed. And all for nothing! The most distinguished, stuck-up members of the ruling council of Everlyn had politely bid her welcome as she had entered the room, disgruntling whispering amongst themselves as she took the usually empty Queen’s chair and, after the initial shock, had happily proceed to ignore her, as if she were just another one of those huge paintings of ancient rulers that hanged from the walls. She had... read more ❯
Chapter 9 - Part 2
Published 4/7/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia C.
  Chapter 9 The Return Part 2 - A Queen's Gift Allana climbed the long stairs that led to the Royal Quarters, on the last floor. On a sunny day, from the high corridor windows, she could have seen the evergreen gardens. But now, that night had fallen, all she could see was a deep darkness, as if the world had ceased to exist and all that was left was that lonely palace. Hesitation grew inside her as she got closer. Her mother had always been … distant. As much as she’d like to, she couldn’t recall ever being held or kissed. Not even a smile. Every time she recalled her childhood Dana was the one in her memories. And, although the woman had always been gentle, she had never seemed to have time for those small things. Dana had raised her to become the perfect Princess and the ideal wife, so she could fulfill... read more ❯
Chapter 9 - Part 1
Published 4/7/2019 in The Universe of Arnae

Author * Sophia C.
  Chapter 9 The Return Part 1 - A Princess' Command They left Mithir before sunset. Trying to be as discreet as possible, they chose to exit the outer walls through the eastern gate, and soon enough they successful left the city behind, taking the northern road. Allana kept an attentive but worried eye on Elipson, who held her horse’s reins with only one hand, putting on a strong facade, her back straight as if nothing was wrong. Allana, however, knew better than that. She’d been the one to help her get on her horse and, although she hadn’t uttered a single word of complain, the effort of doing so had left a thin sheen of sweat covering her forehead, where dark curls stubbornly sticking to her skin. They rode until close to the Silver Forest and, as night fell, stopped to rest and eat some of Adira’s specialties before going to sleep. Anxiety started twisting Allana’s... read more ❯
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