The Children of Gaea

The Children of Gaea

Book 1

* Blood of the Pure *


What would you do if in this world there was a Magic Spell able to make the one you love love you in return? And what would you do if,suddenly, what began as a joke, a mere expression of a hidden desire,awoke a dangerous and cruel creature determined to make you bend to his will?

Mariane is a simple and introverted Human girl.

Gabriel is a powerful Deiwos used to always get what he wants.

And how can these two different existences, originated from such different worlds, ever hope to learn to live together, communicate and, who knows, even understand each other ...?


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Blood of the Pure - Chapter 1 - Part 1
Published 2/11/2019 in The Children of Gaea

Author * Sophia CarPerSanti
  Chapter 1   TEX – Exordium of the Equinox of the Gods. 1 –   “Ah, to be able to love, to be able to suffer, to be able to feel ... That which all Humans have for granted, for me are nothing but fleeting rays of light amongst the dark clouds that constantly overcast the sky of my life ...” Part 1 The sound of the alarm clock brusquely pulled me from my dream. Heart still pounding, I took a deep breath and searched for the alarm button. With some effort I recalled the day of the week and, being Wednesday, wished it was Saturday so I could just turn over and go back to sleep. “Mari! Hurry up! You’ll be late!” a woman’s muffled voice called from the distance making me grumbled a silent complaint. Reluctantly leaving behind the warmth of my soft quilt, I stood up and opened the curtains. The heavy gray sky of another... read more ❯
Blood of the Pure - Prologue
Published 2/8/2019 in The Children of Gaea

Author * Sophia CarPerSanti
  Prologue “There are things that never change, in the World we know as Human World. Things that obey a Law as ancient as Time. An unbreakable Law which, in its inflexibility, is in itself the supporting pillar of the World, keeping the dimensional portals that allow us to arrive, and leave here, opened. In this World the oceans are liquid, even though their temperatures, currents, depths and tides are many. The earth is solid, although it has many different textures, constitutions and colors. There are mountains, plains, valleys, rivers and lakes, but, in time, they all end up changing places and shapes. The sky is blue, though it can be white, grey or even black. When we arrive into this World for the first time, we are eternal, incorporeal and vast. However, in order to stay, we become material, heavy and mortal. Some call this World a school … maybe they’re right. But even... read more ❯
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