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The Gemstone of Ominium – Denial – Chapters 11 and 12

And its almost done.

One more chapter and book 1 is complete.

I’m still kind of lost inside book 2 -_- My characters have always have a way about them. I plan something but they end up doing another thing entirely different and I’m like “Great! What now? What am I supposed to do with this??” Think they answer? Yeah, right!! “You’re the author, you solve it!” So I am struggling a bit, trying not to lose anyone on the way, or forget about important loose ends from book 1.

My favorite charas of book 2, right now, are probably Kai and Solara 😉 And, of course, Selina. But Selina is a good girl and normally does what I tell her to do. I have lots of scenes written about her from far away in the future. Now Kai is an entirely different matter! The guy doesn’t open his mouth and while on book 1 I kind of didn’t know what to do about him, in a long term. Things are completely different now … probably in a way that will get me some readers’ hate thrown my way, bot oh well … It is what it is …


The Gemstone of Ominium – Denial – Chapters 11

The Gemstone of Ominium – Denial – Chapters 12

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Sophia CarPerSanti was born with her mind lost in another world. Not too strangely, writing is her only passion, and so there's not much one can do to correct that.

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