Children of Gaea

Blood of the Pure – New Cover

Okay, so I decided to change my book cover a bit.

I’d been dreaming with this cover since the beginning, showing Gabriel like Mari saw him for the first time.

I like him very much and it was kind of cool … until I changed his the satin covering him to black. And then it was black, with black hair, with black wings, in a black background …

Oh well … Once I manage the time I’ll edit an image of him alone. Also I do like his wings, but I also like him without them … So I’ll probably render one image of each.


Anyway, hope you like it =^_^=


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Sophia CarPerSanti

Sophia CarPerSanti was born with her mind lost in another world. Not too strangely, writing is her only passion, and so there's not much one can do to correct that.

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