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The Gemstone of Ominium Book 2 – Pain – Cover!

Yay!! I’m so excited! I finally finished it.

Could it be better? Well, yeah. Still I like it! A lot! (probably until I’ve seen it 100 times, then I’ll get sick of it.)

In making the cover for ‘Pain’ I noticed I have a typo on the cover for ‘Denial’ … ups … Worse yet, I lost the original file with all the layers and so one, so I have to do the title again … T_T I’ll get to it when I have some free time. So, in case you’re wondering, yes, it is Ominium, and not Ominum.

Anyway, this was also a great opportunity to start on my art gallery. I have a few illustrations of my own that I’ll be uploading. Some with quite a few years, so please forgive the assassination of anatomic proportions (literally). If you’re feeling inspired and want to create some art about my characters feel free to do so. If you send it to me I’ll be happy to upload it to a gallery and feature it on my site, of course with its due credits and link to your art site/page if you have one.

Above all, have fun =^_^=

(And here I go, back to my writing marathon … Oh yeah! the cover … almost forgot it.)

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Sophia CarPerSanti

Sophia CarPerSanti was born with her mind lost in another world. Not too strangely, writing is her only passion, and so there's not much one can do to correct that.

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