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A Late 2019 Start

  Sooo ….
  Starting 2019, after a few hard years now thankfully in the past, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to writing.
  As some of you may be aware of, being a writer is hard as hell. It means long hours in front of a computer, lots of patience, dedication and, ultimately, a deep love. All for all of you readers out there to be able to read our words and criticize the hell out of us. 😁
  But hey, without readers writers would be even sadder. No one really enjoys having something they like hidden away in a drawer and not being able to share it with other people.
And so, I’ve decided to share with you all – lovers, haters, fans, critics and so on – my beloved worlds, characters and their stories. I’ve put some work into it (being a perfectionist and all) and created 2 websites (that still need some work to be 100%, I admit),one for each dimension / world.
  In “The Universe of Arnae” I’ll be happily traveling to another, different world, filled with magic, knights, royals, dragons and even a few elves. Arnae was the first world I’ve created and I have so much info about it that it’s hard to filter it so it won’t get too boring. I have maps and notes (still in paper, yes, since I’m an old timer and all) scattered every where. Now I’m translating and reviewing the manuscripts and will be uploading them bit by bit, hopefully at least every week.
  “The Children of Gaea”, my second site, will be home to the the parallel dimensions of Assiah, our material world. I’ll allow those that inhabit those parallel worlds to have a voice and tell a bit about their place in this planet that is our home.
  As with all my stories, you readers can always expect fantasy and romance, a bit of action and drama. So feel free to comment away! I’ll read them all, though I can’t promise I’ll answer them all.
  Above all, writing is what I love to do, and so I’ll do it. If you like what I write, please feel free to keep reading, follow my updates and send me lots of love. 😘 If you area hater that’s fine too. I also don’t like every book my eyes lay on. Just know that I’m writing because I like it, and not specifically to make you happy, though I’d really rather you’d share my love ♥
  Ultimately, let’s all be happy, yes?


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Sophia CarPerSanti

Sophia CarPerSanti was born with her mind lost in another world. Not too strangely, writing is her only passion, and so there's not much one can do to correct that.

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