Book 2

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When Sarah's predictable world suddenly comes crashing down on her, all she wants is to mourn her painful loss and take care of her younger sister. But things rarely happen according to ones wishes and, not only she's about to lose her sister's custody as she unwillingly stumbles across what could only be an underground operation evolving the manufacturing and testing of illegal drugs.

It is there that she finds him, a prisoner kept as a guinea pig, for the sole purpose of testing those drugs.

Unable to turn a blind eye to that stranger's plight, Sarah saves him from his captivity.

What she didn't know was that her prisoner was far from being a normal man, and that by diving into the darkness they would follow her back, once she returned to the light.

Main Characters

Sarah Wilson

Sarah is a Chemical Pharmacologist, working at the Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh. Mainly centered in her career, her life revolved around work and not much else, until a terrible tragedy struck her family.

Now, besides having to deal with all the subsequent bureaucracy, she is suddenly the sole responsible for the welfare of her younger teenage sister.

The last thing she needed was a dark, mysterious man stalking her from the shadows ...


Alexis has finally reached his breaking point.

Born an Araphel and practically exiled from home, he has spent his life hunting down and destroying his own people. And now his turn has come.

Tired from the violence and pain, he only wishes for a dignified end before he loses himself to the growing darkness inside him.

But then something that could only be called a miracle happens, or maybe he has finally gone mad. For every Araphel know that finding ones hridaya is close to impossible, even more so now that their home slowly crumbles to pieces.

Other Characters

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