Book 1

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What would you do if in this world there was a Magic Spell able to make the one you love love you in return? And what would you do if,suddenly, what began as a joke, a mere expression of a hidden desire,awoke a dangerous and cruel creature determined to make you bend to his will?

Mariane is a simple and introverted Human girl.

Gabriel is a powerful Deiwos used to always get what he wants.

And how can these two different existences, originated from such different worlds, ever hope to learn to live together, communicate and, who knows, even understand each other ...?

Main Characters


Mari is a shy and introverted girl. Even among friends the right words always seem to elude her.

Her heart, however, is very determined, and Mari is very much in love with Michael, on of the most popular boys in school.

It is then that a mysterious finds its way into her hands; a book of Magic Spells and Enchantments. Although skeptical, Mari decides to try her luck and maybe finally win the love of her beloved. What she didn't know was that, amongst its yellow pages, that strange book carried the most dangerous of all evocations ....


Gabriel is a Deiwos, what most Humans call a demon. He was released into the Human World through a Magic Circle raised by Mari, as she tried to cast a Love Spell hoping to win Michael's love.

However, now that he is free, Gabriel has no intention at all to be just another Deiwos, bound to an insignificant Human by Contract. And his presence will forever change the lives of those around him ...

Other Characters

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