Light of the Shadow – Chapter 6 – Part 3

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Light of the Shadow – Chapter 6 – Part 3


Chapter 6



“A Man of Power ...
The Beginning of a new Conquest.
A Cruel Plan made Real.
Dark, Tenebrous Soul - the One that Keeps and Originates Destruction.”

- The Prophet of Truth


Part 3

Farran took a look around, feeling bored.

He was in a completely normal room, as far as family houses were concerned.

The three seater sofa was religiously placed in front of a TV set that, resting on a small wooden cupboard especially designated to hold it, looked more like it stood on an altar worthy of worship. Two armchairs of the same dark-green color completed the small living room, since the other part was occupied by a dinner table surrounded by six reddish wooden chairs. A display cabinet took over one of the walls, showcasing what would probably be special, more delicate china for important occasions. There was a window on the wall in front of him, the beige curtains matching the color of the walls. On the other side of the room a small cupboard served as stand for a few personal objects.

Farran crossed the room as he noticed the shining frames. There, frozen in colorful pictures, were a few smiling faces, moments forever crystallized in time where the sun shone warmly. For a moment he was lost in the effects of the sun over the green grass, and on the small rainbows on the corner of the pictures, on the mix of different tones that could only be found in the daylight world. A world he’d never know.

Forcing himself to focus on what had led him there, he picked up one of the frames where a family of four was posing on a garden, by a lake. A couple of adults and two young girls smiled innocently, and his attention fell upon the oldest of the youngsters.

As to be expected the house was deserted. Not that he’d gone there hoping to find the woman he’d been reading about for the last couple of hours. He’d just wanted to go there and feel the world that had surrounded her, the world she’d lived in. All seemed perfect in that house. A harmony suddenly shattered by fate. Because even though the house kept its organized, cozy aspect, the sadness and pain filling the air were so intense that he could almost taste it.

With a sigh he returned the frame to its place next to the other family pictures.

The absence of inhabitants confirmed the information he’d received, about how the Human was now under the protection of one of his People. As for the younger sister, there were no news and no one seemed to know her whereabouts, although it was written on the files he’d received that she used to attend a neighborhood school. It was as if Selena Wilson had simply disappeared, since the accident that had stolen the lives of their parents. And if Sarah Wilson was under constant surveillance, Selena was without a doubt a valuable asset, in order to drag his favorite toy from the hole he’d crawled into. There, in that house, he was certain he’d find the information he was looking for.

“And since I’m already here I may as well leave a greeting card. Humans do tend to despair when they learn that their houses have been invaded. Since they want to protect a Human they may as well be prepared to deal with her weaknesses!” he said out loud with some amusement and the doors of every cupboard and every drawer were suddenly opened, as plates, cups and everything inside them flew across the room, colliding against the walls and falling in pieces on the carpeted floor.

Farran smiled, pleased with himself, and proceeded to shatter all the furniture as he looked for something that might tell him Selena Wilson’s whereabouts.


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