Light of the Shadow – Chapter 6 – Part 2

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Light of the Shadow – Chapter 6 – Part 2


Chapter 6



“A Man of Power ...
The Beginning of a new Conquest.
A Cruel Plan made Real.
Dark, Tenebrous Soul - the One that Keeps and Originates Destruction.”

- The Prophet of Truth


Part 2

Alexis stopped for an instant. He knew he was expected and that his presence had been long detected but, even so, couldn’t help hesitate.

The night was surprisingly cold, compared to how hot it’d been during the day, and the wind kept blowing in his ears. But, even so, he’d had no doubt that he’d find him there.

Aaran had a special liking for high places, of those where no Human with a minimal attachment to their lives would ever freely go. The top of the National Bank building was one of he’s usual spots, no matter if it were a starry night or raining heavily. From up there, from the ledge where he now stood, the view over the city was simply magnificent and it was almost possible to forget that all those tall, bright buildings were filled with the most destructive beings on Gaea.

With a sigh of frustration for not being able to find the right words to address him, Alexis walked up to him and stopped. He stood there, silent, waiting for a reprimand or even a well deserved punishment. But Aaran kept ignoring his presence, his face illuminated by the white light coming from the computer he was balancing on his knees. His usual indifferent expression looked somewhat intimidating and the pale light made his dark eyes glow incandescently.

Alexis found himself swallowing dry. Due to the bound that they shared he sometimes forgot the immeasurable power lingering inside the being sitting in front of him. For Aaran was unique. A long time ago his existence had been deemed has forbidden. But need had forced heads to bend and prides to be swallowed, and the Elders had seen themselves forced to rely on that monster in hopes they could somehow be saved. If not for Aaran, Tzel would have disappeared a long time ago. And that’s what had led him to want to try and save him … which had only resulted in even more frustration and another unforgivable mistake.

“I’m sorry,” he finally said, landing a knee on the ledge where Aaran remained calmly sitting, and lowered his head, regret eating at him. “I should have never behaved like that … Much less in front of you.”

The shadow of a movement left his heart beating against his throat as he waited for the worse. He was painfully aware of the amount of mistakes he’d committed in the last forty-eight hours, to the point that although his imprisonment had been true hell, he almost wished he’d never been released. Because at least, in there, the pain had been only his to bear, which would not be the case, once the Lex Regis decided to take action.

“You have nothing to feel sorry about, Alex. I already knew how you’d react. The one with doubts was you.” He listened to Aaran’s calm and indifferent words as he placed a caring hand on his head, but none of that offered him much comfort.

“Even so! I should have been able to control myself!”

“Nonsense! Not even the most balanced of us would have been able to do that. And we both know that’s hardly your case,” Aaran added, releasing him from his touch, and Alexis raised his head to face him.

“That’s exactly why! Just do what needs to be done, before I end up condemning us all!” he demanded and Aaran returned his attention to the bright screen.

“More nonsense.”


“I refuse to lose you, Alex! Much less now, when there’s a new hope.”

“How can you say that?!” he questioned in outrage. “Sarah is Human! Her presence among us will end up condemning us all!”

“We’ll deal with that when the time comes. For now she’s a ray a hope that I don’t feel like throwing away without first giving it a chance to become real.”

“Aaran! It’s the Law we’re talking about! And no one argues with the Law!” Alexis insisted and Aaran raised his eyes from the screen to face him.

“Just worry with what concerns you and leave the Law to me. Have you thought about it? She may be able to save you.”

Alexis averted his gaze, anger and frustration heating his chest.

“A Human!” he declared with despise.

“That would have been good enough for me, if I had reacted to her,” Aaran patiently countered. “You think I don’t know that that’s why you suggested that idiotic test? And what if I had reacted to her? What would you have done then?”

“I had already decided to end my existence way before I even met her,” Alexis grunted and Aaran sighed.

“Sometimes I think you haven’t grown at all, since the day I convinced you to follow me, when you were still a kid playing amongst the shadows. Hear me well, Alexis!” he commanded and the sudden intensity of his voice added to the unusual fact that he’d used his complete name, forced Alexis to face him and give him his undivided attention. “Sarah Wilson is your responsibility! It is your duty to keep her safe!”

Alexis frowned, displeased.

“I swore I’d keep her safe, and that’s what I’ll do,” he declared. “But that’s how far as it goes! Once there’s no one left to threaten her she’ll be back to her every day, normal life. That’s what we both want, and the best solution for us all,” he stated and Aaran shrugged.

“That’s none of my business. Not mine, and not anyone else’s! And I hope you never forget that. On the other hand, maybe you’d better know a bit more about the woman you’ve decided to protect,” he suggested, signaling him to seat beside him, and Alexis obeyed with an intrigued expression.

Aaran passed him his computer and maximized the file that he’d apparently been reading.

No matter how irrational it was, Alexis couldn’t help feeling outraged.

Aaran had had someone check on Sarah’s background and there, in his hands, written in black letters against a white bright page that hurt his eyes, was the story of her life. It took all his common sense to force his logical mind to overcome his own emotions. That was, after all, the usual procedure regarding all Human Beings that, somehow, came into contact with his People. And, in Sarah’s case, that contact had crossed every line in the book. Knowing her antecedents was only a matter of security. But, even so, he couldn’t help wish no one else had read those words. It was as if his own life had been invaded, instead of hers.

“Oh, and there’s something else, something that isn’t written in there, but that I noticed as soon as I touched her,” Aaran said, once more captivating his attention. “Sarah Wilson is a true empath. Her gift is so strong that it’s almost a curse,” he added with a hint of sarcasm. “The strange thing is, unlike most gifted Human Beings, she doesn’t seem to have a Guardian.”

It took some time until Alexis was able to realize the implications of that statement.

“You mean she … feels everything I feel?” he asked, still in disbelief, and Aaran drew an ironic smile on his lips to match his tone.

“Just imagine the hell that must be.”


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