Chapter 23 – Part 3

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Chapter 23 – Part 3


Chapter 23



– The Holy Guardian Angel. His instruction.1


"Because I feel I know I’m alive, that something more inhabits me,
even if what I feel slowly makes me sink into a dark ocean of terror.
Ah, how I wish that the threads that bind me were everlasting,
eternally tying to me the cold, white hands that command them ...”






Part 3

The days that followed were all relatively calm. Life had color and meaning again. And I guess I started understanding a little bit better what Gabriel had felt when he’d been released from his Seal. In the end it was almost funny that he’d returned to repay the favor.

I was always busy and, even when there was nothing specific to do, I always ended up making something up. Even the most simple of tasks had a special bright glow about it and I was constantly amazed, even at the most insignificant emotions that stirred inside me. I was perfectly aware that this was something that no one else could understand or appreciate; because who else could even imagine what it felt like to feel nothing at all? And so I kept those great but small things to myself, simply thankful every time someone complemented me on my good mood.

At home, a new routine was established.

Alexander was responsible for taking me to and bringing me from school, watching over me the whole day. Lea and Gabriel kept taking turns between keeping watch over the house and searching for the intruder that everyone seemed to believe to have crossed the barrier. Jonathan stayed at home and, although I tried numerous times to talk with him, he didn’t answer me even once, his expression empty as if he couldn’t even hear me. Still, sometimes I’d catch him talking to Alexander, which made me conclude that he was being selective about whom to speak to.

The fourth day after they’d returned I began noticing something else. Since I’d gone back to school I rarely saw Gabriel anymore. When I woke up he’d already left. When I came back from school he’d just changed turns with Lea. Sometimes I’d see him in a rush, after dinner, because he was never home in time to eat with us, and the brief words we exchanged in those short moments were always too scarce and too trivial. Normally, at that time, Michael would call like clockwork, every day. And, before I could put the handset down, he was already gone again under the excuse of going to check the barrier.

Somehow his attempts to avoid me began to seriously annoy me but, when that happened, I’d always tell myself I couldn’t ask for anything else. I’d decided not to cause trouble and tried as hard as I could to understand just how dangerous the situation my selfish request had gotten us in really was.

However, one week later still nothing had happened and, although everyone remained on alert, it started to get harder to really believe that there was actually a threat. My Human, rational mind had already started on an alternative theory. And I’d tell myself that maybe they’d been wrong and no Deiwos had crossed Gabriel’s barrier. Still I didn’t dare question them, and merely hoped that Gabriel would eventually see it as well; that the only Deiwos in Lewisham were him, Alexander and Lea.


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