Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Part 1

Chapter 4 Arrival Part 1 - Ride to Mithir Allana took a deep breath and smiled as the sun touched her face. She still couldn’t believe how everything had gone ...
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Chapter 4 – Part 2

Chapter 4 Arrival Part 2 - A new Bed When they entered the city the streets were practically deserted. Only a few bars and taverns kept their doors opened, but ...
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Chapter 4 – Part 3

Chapter 4 Arrival Part 3 - Hard to Believe Elian took a deep breath as he closed the doors. He had just returned from seeing his parents. Next would be ...
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Chapter 4 – Part 4

Chapter 4 Arrival Part 4 - The Emissary of Nar The room where they met was small, when compared to the one used by the Royal Council. The table, placed ...
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