Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Part 1

Chapter 3 Secrete Part 1 - Rain Convincing Dana that he had found the Princess unconscious and feverish in the royal gardens hadn’t been all that hard. In fact it ...
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Chapter 3 – Part 2

Chapter 3 Secrete Part 2 - A Dream of Change Something wet touched her forehead offering her some relief from that constant dizziness. Allana tried hard to open her eyes ...
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Chapter 3 – Part 3

Chapter 3 Secrete Part 3 - A Desperate Repulsive Fear She woke up from a world of pain and destruction to find out that, once again, nothing she had just ...
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Chapter 3 – Part 4

Chapter 3 Secrete Part 4 - The Important Thing Elian woke up like always, drenched in his own sweat. Always the same nightmare, that he forgot as soon as he ...
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Chapter 3 – Part 5

Chapter 3 Secrete Part 5 - A Princess' Choice When Allana woke up the sun was already high in the sky and the day was nearly halfway gone. For a ...
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Chapter 3 – Part 6

Chapter 3 Secrete Part 6 - You Promised The sun had already begun to set when the sound of noises by the door left her heart racing. Now that she’d ...
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Chapter 3 – Part 7

Chapter 3 Secrete Part 7 - Burning Hell Her gaze of fire fell on the city that stretched at her feet. Even from afar she could almost feel the heat ...
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