Chapter 5 – Part 6

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Chapter 5 – Part 6


Chapter 5


Part 6 - I Knight's Word

Allana went back as fast as she could, the cool air of the night making her skin cold to the touch, and couldn’t help a smile of relief when she found that no one had closed the window she’d left open. However, right when she was about to return to the warm comfort of her bed, the sound of voices stopped her from climbing back inside. With soft silent steps, she peered around the corner, where two dark figures changed whispering words.

She recognized the smaller one as soon as she saw her, and she could only guess the identity of the taller one.

“You’re leaving …”

“I have to. But it’s only for a short while.”

She hugged him tightly and he held her back, her body seeming too small and frail when enveloped by his long, strong arms.

“Why does it have to be you …” she complained and he kissed the top of her head.

“He trusts me. And it is an honor to have been chosen.”

She sighed deeply and raised her head to face him.

“I know … I just …”

He smiled and gently caressed her face.

“I’ll be back in time for your Test. I promise!”

“Please don’t. Don’t make promises you may not be able to fulfill.”

“I promise!” he stated again, reinforcing each word and, holding her face between his hands, bent his head and placed a light kiss on her lips. “Everything’s going to be okay. All you need to do is trust your own skills, nothing else. And I’ll be here to support you.” She sighed once again and nodded, although she didn’t look all that convinced.

“I have to go. They may notice I’m missing,” she told him, the regret audible in her voice, and he agreed, also reluctantly, kissing her once again.

“Please, believe me.”

“I would never dream of doubting the word of a Knight!” she played and he smiled, holding her, hugging her one last time.

Allana rushed back to the open window, jumping in almost like a professional robber, and landed silently on the inside. Untying her cloak, which she left on the floor, she slid back inside her bed just in time to hear the door open, and Kahor’s light steps as she also returned to bed.

With a smile, Allana turned and closed her eyes. She was in that Kingdom for such a small amount of time and she’d already seen and learned so many new things. Above all, she had finally attained a life that belonged only to her, without someone always telling her what to do, scolding her or limiting her movements. It was as if the whole world was right there, waiting to be claimed. All she had to do was reach out her hand. And all thanks to Elian. And with just that, with the mere thought of his name, she saw him laying on that bed, in that small room, alone, with her … She turned to the other side, as if changing positions could erase that image from her mind, and putting a stop to her own thoughts, she commanded herself to fall asleep. Sunrise shouldn’t be long now, and there were bread and milk waiting for her to transport to dining hall.

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