Chapter 4 – Part 4

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Chapter 4 – Part 4


Chapter 4


Part 4 - The Emissary of Nar

The room where they met was small, when compared to the one used by the Royal Council. The table, placed in the center, was surrounded by nine chairs, inviting to more private discussions. The window was high, like most windows in the palace, turning it into a well-lit room. And the only thing decorating the otherwise naked walls was a map of the Continent of Altier, where both Eastern and Western Kingdoms had been marked.

That was the room Elian usually chose as a meeting place, when dealing with matters concerning the Orders and the Knights. If possible he’d rather solve things quietly, without making a fuss, and that small room provided him with the perfect place for that.

That morning he had to occupy it yet once again. The matter at hand concerned the White Order and included the presence of an Emissary from the Temple of Solara, in Nar. Nar stood to the West, beyond the Silver Forest, beyond even Melkar. And it was the birthplace of all the knowledge developed and applied by the White Knights. Melbar, the representative of the Temple of Nar within the Order, sat to his left, smiling quietly. Denar, on the other hand, stood behind him, his alert presence looming over his right shoulder, guarding him closely.

Elian looked at the boy who had been introduced by Melbar and that now sat to his right, and he couldn’t help feeling a bit surprised. In truth, tall and lean, he was but a fifteen-year-old teen, hardly what he had expected to find when Elipson had mentioned the arrival of an Emissary of the Temple. Elian watched him as he respectfully stood up, turning to face him before starting to speak.

“I’ve come to His Highness carrying the most venerable and respectful greetings from the Temple of Solara, in Nar.”

“The greetings from our Brothers and Sisters of the Temple are welcome and returned in kind,” Elian replied, formally, and as it was his style went directly to the matter at hand. “But please, tell us. What brings an Emissary of Nar to our lands?”

“Mithir is one of the few Kingdoms that believes in and follows our principles. Throughout the years Nar has sent you its best instructors in order to enrich the training of your White Knights. And that’s the reason why I’ve came. For we know His Highness will listen and seriously consider the message I carry," the boy stated, his young, clear voice filling the room. "Although Nar is exclusively devoted to the healing arts, we occasional maintain contact with the Tower of High Magic, in the Ice Mountains. It so happens that a few days ago some our Brothers and Sisters were woken by a strange dark feeling, described by most as if the same air we breathe had become heavier or had simply suffered a change in quality. As the reports of this strange event arrived from all of Nar, the Conclave of the High Priestesses contacted the Tower of Magic and found out that they too, had sensed a change within the paths that only Magic is able to travel. As we understand it, a huge unknown force has been set free upon the world, where it now roams unchecked and uncontrolled. We believe it was this force’s awakening that was felt throughout the land. And so we’ve come to fear the worst. The Armies of the North keep moving forward, destroying everything in their path, and some say they’re searching for something, some kind of power no one seems to know exactly what it is. Our Venerable Ancient ones have come to believe that it is precisely the origin of this unknown force that the Lord of Morianor is looking for. And if that’s so it is our duty to prevent him from finding it at all costs.”

Elian remained silent for a moment, trying to make sense of all he’d just been told and of what all of that meant regarding the future of Mithir, and finally faced the young Emissary.

“Are you telling me that the reason behind all these attacks by the Armies of the North is related to this power you’ve felt?” The boy nodded and Elian reflected on the matter. “This means that this object of power, that it’s said the Lord of Morianor is searching for, would be the source of this mysterious force, right?” The Emissary of Nar nodded again and Elian took his time thinking things through.

Up until then all he had heard about said object had been unfounded rumors. However that boy had traveled all the way there, alone, probably risking his own life to tell him about it, and he couldn’t believe the Temple of Nar would send him based in a mere rumor or supposition. Of course he still had some trouble dealing with idea of some mystical, powerful object. But, on the other hand, being who he was, how could he, of all people, doubt its existence?

“And that … awakening? When did it happen?” he asked, trying to convene some measure of order to the events the boy had just reported.

“Two nights ago,” he replied and the Prince raised an eyebrow, unable to understand. The young Emissary smiled, noticing his confusion, and shook his head. “Oh. I should have clarified my situation beforehand. I actually didn’t depart from Nar. Had I departed from the Temple only two nights ago it would have been impossible for me to arrive in such a short notice. In order to study the properties of some native plants I’ve been sent to live by the first affluent of the Silver River, near Leips’ borders, approximately one month ago. I’ve received news of my new mission tow days ago,” he clarified.

“I see. And what does the Temple of Nar and the Mages of the Tower of High Magic have to say about the nature of this force?”

“No one knows exactly, since it was only felt for a brief moment. However we firmly believe that its intensity is at least as strong as the core of that which inhabits the Tower of High Magic, if not stronger.”

“And you want our help in order to search for said power,” Elian guessed and the boy nodded. “It’s true Mithir owes a great debt to the Temple of Nar, and of course we have no intention of failing you now that you ask for our support. However, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but we will have to ask you to wait a few more days. The Armies of the North grow closer to our borders by the day. We fear an attack is eminent and, should the worst be confirmed, not even all the men we have at our disposal will be enough to defend our lands. So I would ask you to remain with us for today and the day after. After tomorrow I’ll send one man to accompany you on your mission. I hope you can understand that this is all we can do, for now.”

“I thank you in the name of those I represent,” the boy stated and bowed respectfully. “And now, if Your Highness will excuse me, I’ll take my leave,” the boy respectfully asked and Elian nodded, granting him permission. Melbar stood up, bowing as well, and accompanied him as he exited the room.

“Do you believe what he said?” Denar asked the moment they were left alone, and Elian stood up from the chair he had occupied at the top of the table, stretching his back.

“Don’t know. One thing is clear, at least. It’s not like the Armies of the North are worried about conquering territory. All they leave behind is death and destruction. No matter how greedy one may be, no one likes to be Lord and Master of a burned and broken piece of land. And so it’s not hard to believe that they’re searching for something. Also, I’m sure that something must have really happened, or Nar wouldn’t have sent that boy. And so, yeah … maybe Nar is right about all of this. If only the information we have wouldn’t be so vague. Without knowing what this object looks like or what it can do, this may well become an endless search.”

Denar sighed walking to the door.

“Let’s go. I have practice to attend to and you have to talk to your father about all of this. And then you’ll have to decide who you’ll be sending on this endless search. But first of all let’s see if Adira is kind enough to feed us. I’m starving!”

Elian sighed, fallowing the Knight, wishing the day that had just started would reach its end as fast as possible.

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