Chapter 4 – Part 3

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Chapter 4 – Part 3


Chapter 4


Part 3 - Hard to Believe

Elian took a deep breath as he closed the doors. He had just returned from seeing his parents. Next would be to ask for reports from both Orders. There was also the matter of the welcome reception he would gladly avoid, if possible. And the urgent need to gather the Council.


Elian looked back and smiled, reaching out his hand towards the young woman who naturally stepped forward to take it.

"Tell me. What news?" he asked pulling her by her hand and she fell in beside him, accompanying him as they walked.

"Isn't that what I'm supposed to ask? What have you heard about the Armies of the North?"

"Nothing we already didn't know. They're getting closer by the day. Mádon has fallen. Next is Everlyn."

"Everlyn ... Do you think your father will send help?"

"Don't know. Probably not. And after Everlyn we're next."

Elipson nodded and Elian closed the door to his chambers behind him.

"And? That girl you've brought. Where did she come from? Girls her age will normally be dreaming about getting married and living some big romance, not about learning sword fight," she stated, watching him suspiciously, and Elian laughed as he untied his cloak.

"Guess so. But she's not like any other girl."

"I see ... So she really is your plaything."

"Elipson! You know me better!" he scolded her again and the young woman faced him coldly.

"Right. You, men, are all the same. Chasing after every piece of tail that crosses your path! At least I hope you're being honest with that girl!"

"For God's sake! I told you it's not like that! She wants to be Knight and that's why I've brought her. That's it, nothing else!"

"Hum ... hard to believe, wouldn't you agree?"

Elian sighed, shrugging.

"It's the truth. And you'll see. She'll surprise you," he told her, starting to get undressed, and Elipson averted her gaze, crossing her harms.

"I guess I should get going," she muttered and Elian laughed, holding her by an arm.

"Oh? And why's that? Am I too good looking for you?"

"Elian! You respect me! I carried you in my arms when you were a child!" she rebuked him and the Prince smiled, kissing her on the cheek before releasing her. "And after you've changed please join us downstairs. Melbar also wants to talk to you. It seems a boy from the Temple of Nar has arrived. He wants you to meet him."

"Do I have to?"

"Of course you do! Don't forget! You're equally responsible for both the Dark and the White Orders." Elian sighed again, feeling increasingly depressed. "And remember to wash your face," she added before stepping outside, as if he were no more than a child.

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